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As the proprietor of the MAKARAPA trademark (2006/20971) we make by hand and to the finest quality standards. We first engage with our clients to understand the design brief, quantities needed, timeframe for delivery, logistics and any special considerations needed. You can contact us by phone, arrange for a site visit or visit our show-room to view a range of sample helmets or makarapa from past projects.

Our design and logistics team then get to work ensuring that planning is done to ensure customer expectations are met. For larger orders we generally do a few samples and ensure we get customer approval. Makarapa can be made to order or can also be made in batches depending on customer needs. To date we have produced over 10,000 Makarapa that have been distributed all over the world! We also have the countries best Makarapa artists to ensure your brand and unique design is captured and translated into this vibrant South African work of art.

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